AI Blogging Guide: Tools, Process & ExamplesHow Bloggers Can Use AI Tools to Create Content 3x Faster in 2024

AI blogging is here to stay. In this guide, I’m breaking down how to use AI tools to grow your blog 3x faster—including real life blog examples, use cases for AI in your blogging process, my picks for the best free AI blogging tools, and more.

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AI blogging is making a lotttaaa waves these days. Tons of bloggers (including yours truly) are using these powerful tools—including all of my best free blogging tools. I wanna invite you to check out my AI blogging process to see if it feels like the right move for you too.

Could AI tools be a key to growing your blog faster? My 70+ AI blogging tools inside RightBlogger have helped me dramatically increase my traffic this year, and I bet they’ll prove useful for you too.

AI is the cheapest, fastest skilled assistant in human history. To not experiment with these tools yet, is really missing a once-in-a-generation opportunity. And I’m not talking about just ChatGPT. Cue your FOMO feels, because whew I can’t understate how much this is already changing everything.

Think of tools like RightBlogger (or your AI tool of choice) as a lightning-fast and incredibly hard-working intern. You’ll need to have the final say over what the “intern” produces… but you can ask it to handle A LOT (and I mean A LOOOOTTT) of the tedious bits of producing content… like everything you don’t find joy in or get positive energy from doing in your content process. And they’re improving every day.

Whether you want to generate tons of content fast, optimize all your existing blog posts for higher search engine rankings, or you’d just like a helping hand coming up with ideas and outlines, we’re going through some of the best AI tools for bloggers today—and clever ways to use AI in your blogging process.

Like me, you too can create content ~3x faster than before. If it usually takes you 3 hours to write a post, AI tools can help you get a post out the door in more like 1 hour. Check out my AI content workflow for inspiration:

AI Blogging: How Bloggers Can Use AI Tools to Create Content 3x Faster (Guide + Free Tools)

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products and services I’ve personally used and stand behind. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me run this blog and keep my in-depth content free of charge for readers (like you).

Try RightBlogger: My 70+ Hand-Crafted Tools for Bloggers

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Join 1,000+ bloggers, marketers, writers, freelancers & creators in trying my very own kit of powerful tools for bloggers: RightBlogger. You’ll unlock 70+ blogging, SEO, marketing, sales and productivity-focused tools to blog faster & more effectively today.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a branch of computer science that seeks to create smart machines that can perform tasks that we’d typically think of as requiring human intelligence. AI tools are trained on huge datasets, with technologies like deep learning helping machines learn by example.

AI software is used for a range of applications, like web searching, recommendation algorithms, chess-playing—and, of course, text and image generation. Artificial intelligence blog writing is now a truly viable alternative to writing every word yourself. Machine learning has delivered AI models like GPT-3 and GPT-4 from OpenAI that now underpin a range of AI apps and tools.

How Bloggers and Content Writers Are Using AI (with Real Examples)

If you’d like to see exactly how I’m using AI to create content 3x faster, check out my guide and video for tutorials demonstrating the whole process. and be sure to take all of my free AI-powered blogging tools for a spin.

Here, we’ll go through some ways bloggers are commonly using AI for content creation and optimization—with plenty of examples and use cases to help you integrate AI writing assistants into your workflow.

Note: I’m using RightBlogger (my own set of 60+ AI tools, which I’ve designed specifically for bloggers) for these examples, but if you want to check out some different AI tools, I’ve listed my other favorites toward the end of this guide.

1. Coming Up with Smart Blog Post Ideas

Using my free blog idea generator, you can literally get dozens of blog topic ideas in seconds. Coming up with ideas to write about used to be tough, but writer’s block is truly a thing of the past—or at the very least, a personal choice today. One of the easiest ways to use AI tools is to get them to list a bunch of ideas for content you can pursue on your blog.

There are a couple of great ways you can use AI tools to come up with content ideas in much less time than ever before. In fact, these are so effective I recommend doing both together.

Tip: If you’re not too sure what keywords are or why they matter, check out my guide to keyword research.

Use My Free Keyword Research Tool

Free Keyword Research Tool (AI-Powered) SEO Keyword Research and Ideas

Try my free AI-Powered Keyword Tool to get dozens of research-backed ideas for keywords & topics to write about on your blog today.

Using AI Tools for Keyword Research

RightBlogger has a supercharged version of my free keyword research tool with more filtering and a deeper well of search capabilities. Here it is in action, coming up with some keywords I may want to write about on my hiking blog:

AI Keyword Research Tool Screenshot for Bloggers to Learn (Niche Keyword Examples Hiking Gear)

Whichever AI tools you use for your keyword research, when you select from a list of keywords, you’re looking for the “sweet spot” of keywords that:

  • Are relevant to your blog
  • Have a keyword volume of around 1,000–10,000 (or even less for super niche topics you can very quickly rank on)
  • Have a difficulty rating of low (or medium, if you’ve already tackled and ranked for some low difficulty keywords)

In this case, I’d scroll down the list for some more specific, less competitive keywords I could quickly generate an AI article about:

AI Blogging Keyword Research Tool Screenshot for Bloggers to Learn (Niche Keyword Examples)

I could easily make a list of keywords to write about (or use my free AI article writer to instantly generate an entire article), like:

  • Winter hiking gear—a “best of” list for the approaching winter season or a guide to preparing for cold & snowy hikes
  • Hiking gear list—a great topic for a listicle and fun personalized video topic (plus easy to monetize with affiliate links)
  • Hiking rain gear—this could be a review post comparing the best waterproof outdoor jackets (also great for affiliate income)

And so on… with powerful tools fueling your research process, good traffic-generating ideas are truly limitless today.

With the capability to generate an in-depth first draft of a blog post in just one-click based on a research-backed idea… this is an insanely exciting time for blogging. I’d love to invite you to come try out RightBlogger today and see for yourself.

Try RightBlogger: My 70+ Hand-Crafted Tools for Bloggers

RightBlogger Content Creation AI Tools for Bloggers (Homepage Screen Shot) ryrob CTA Image

Join 1,000+ bloggers, marketers, writers, freelancers & creators in trying my very own kit of powerful tools for bloggers: RightBlogger. You’ll unlock 70+ blogging, SEO, marketing, sales and productivity-focused tools to blog faster & more effectively today.

Using AI Tools to Brainstorm Ideas

It’s useful to have a keyword in mind before you start coming up with ideas. Otherwise, the AI tool (just like a human brainstormer!) might throw out some ideas that sound fun but that won’t get much search engine traffic.

In RightBlogger, I’ve got a nifty “Post Ideas” tool that’s a beefed up version of the free one here on my blog. You just pop in your keyword and select the tone/style (and language) that best suits your brand, then you’ll get big ol’ list of blog post ideas to add to your content calendar.

Here’s how this tool works with the “hiking gear” keyword:

AI Blogging Tool for Post Ideas, Screenshot Showing Keyword Hiking Gear and 3 Generated Ideas

Within seconds, this AI tool comes up with 10 completely different and unique ideas for me. Some of these might not use the exact keyword, but could still be useful for different keywords—and the best part? RightBlogger saves everything I create into my content dashboard so I’ll always be able to come back and revisit previous ideas I’ve generated.

How long would it take you to come up with 10 ideas, all formatted as really solid blog post titles?

Even if you can manage this in 10 minutes like an absolute boss (teach me!), AI tools like this make the entire process so much faster and easier. And if you’re not in love with the headlines, just pop over to my free blog title generator or use the supercharged one in RightBlogger to get more inspiration.

As the human… you are… a human… right?… you’re obviously still fully in control or what you publish on your blog, of course. You can ask these tools to generate more ideas if you want extra ones to pick from—and you don’t need to use any ideas that you feel aren’t right for your blog.

Tip: Again, think of RightBlogger as a highly skilled assistant that delivers results instantaneously. You’ll need to have the final say over what the “intern” produces… but you can ask it to handle a lot of the tedious bits of producing content.

2. Creating Outlines

Once you’ve selected some keywords and keyword-based AI blog post ideas, the next step is to create an outline for a blog post. And good news—AI can help you here, too.

There are a couple of ways you could use AI to help you create the perfect outline for your post:

  • Feed in your idea, get an outline, then modify that outline to suit your blog. (This method works for most bloggers, particularly bloggers who are focused on making money from blogging.) You could also use this as the basis of a content brief for other writers.
  • Write a blog outline yourself, then ask your AI tool to generate its own outline for your idea. You can then use the AI-generated outline to check you haven’t missed anything that you’d like to include. (This method may be a better fit if you see blogging as more of a creative outlet for you, e.g. for a lifestyle blog or personal blog.)

Here, I’m using the fully featured Post Outline tool in RightBlogger to come up with an outline for the post idea “Top Must Haves for a Day Hike: Essential Gear for Hikers” (you can try my free blog outline generator too). I simply put in my title and add the keyword I want to focus on, then generate the outline:

AI Blogging Example (Generating an Outline Screen Shot)

In just seconds, RightBlogger writes a full outline for me—split into sections and subsections, and including useful content for search engine optimization, like an FAQ list toward the end of the article (we also have a full on FAQ generator tool inside RightBlogger that’ll answer all these questions for ya):

Example of FAQ Generator (AI Blogging Tools) Screen Shot

If I was going to write the outline myself, it could easily take 60 minutes or more to look up high-quality competing posts, make a list of hiking gear, decide how to split that gear into sensible categories, and so on.

3. Drafting Content

When you think of AI blogging, you’re most likely thinking about using an AI article writer to come up with full blog posts. And that’s absolutely an option! In fact, I designed RightBlogger with a bunch of tools specifically to help with generating long-form pieces of content—and the free version of my tool here on the blog samples from everything the RightBlogger Article Tool is capable of.

There are a couple of key things you should keep in mind when using any AI tool to draft content, however:

  • AI tools can’t fact-check in the way that human writers can. Sometimes, an AI might come up with a fact, figure, or statistic that doesn’t exist (or that’s from an unreliable source). You should fact-check all content before publishing it on your blog.
  • AI tools are doing a better job than ever of understanding tone and style. You’ll likely still want to edit your content to make sure it’s a good fit for your blogging voice. (If you’re using RightBlogger, experiment with the different tones available to figure out which is the best match.)

You can use AI to create the first draft of your blog posts in their entirety (with perfect spelling and grammar). In RightBlogger, the Article Writer can create incredible long-form content for you from just a title. Check out this real article right here inside RightBlogger:

AI Article Writer Tool in RightBlogger (Screen Shot of Options)

And here, you can see this simple prompt generated an in-depth 2,759 word article you can check out for yourself (in full) right here:

AI Article Example Screen Shot (AI Blogging Tutorial)

Now if you’re like me and you want more control over your AI-generated content, you might instead want to use the Paragraph Tool to create your blog post in a bit more digestible chunks based on your outline.

You can simply type your subheadings into the paragraph tool to flesh out each subsection of your post to produce original content:

Blogging AI Example (Paragraph Generator Tool Screen Shot) in RightBlogger

Another really handy way to use AI content generation is to rephrase sections of text that you’ve already written.

For instance, here on RyRob, I have a whole bunch of posts talking about different AI tools. That means I’m featuring many of the same tools in several posts. Using RightBlogger’s Rewriter Tool (or the free version of my paragraph rewriter), I can come up with different text so that (a) I don’t waste time laboriously rewording the text myself and (b) I don’t get hit with any Google penalties for duplicate content.

Here’s the rewriter in action, changing around the paragraph above:

How to Use AI Rewriter Tools in Your Blogging Process (Tutorial)

4. Optimizing Content for Search Engines

Another great use of AI is to optimize your content for search engines, using key SEO principles. This type of lite AI technology has been used in the blogging world for years, and top-ranking blogs invariably use SEO tools (and of course free SEO tools too) to help them achieve their rankings. We’ll get to some of those tools in a moment.

AI can also help you come up with critical SEO text, like your meta title and meta description. I have free limited version of my meta title generator and meta description generator tools, along with amped up versions inside RightBlogger to handle these tasks for ya.

The SEO Meta Title Tool

This tool creates an SEO-friendly meta title (title tag) for your post. Just pop in your keyword and you’ll get a list of potential titles that incorporate your keyword (or a very close variation) and that are the right length to work in Google’s search results:

AI Meta Title Generator Tool for Bloggers (Screen Shot of Example)

You’ll get 5 different SEO titles to choose from, so you can pick the one that you feel is the best fit for your blog post and your target audience. If you don’t love your first set of options, just hit “Edit & Run Again” and you’ll get a fresh new batch right away.

The SEO Meta Description Tool

This tool comes up with a character count limited meta description for you. A meta description is the text that appears in search results, just below the title of the post, and it’s really important for effective SEO (you’re also limited to around 160 characters maximum).

Here’s an example using one of the meta titles in RightBlogger’s SEO Meta Description Tool from the titles we generated above:

Meta Description Generator Tool (AI Blogging Examples) Screen Shot of Output

As with the meta title generator tool above, you’ll also get 5 different meta descriptions to choose from.

8 Best AI Blogging Tools to Try (in 2024)

When it comes to blogging tools, you’ll ideally want 2 different AI-powered tools to help scale your AI blogging efforts:

  • One to research, ideate, generate, and write content
  • One to optimize your content for SEO

While some AI SEO tools do also offer text generation, they’re more focused on optimizing text that you’ve already created. Let’s take a look at some of the top AI tools in each category.

My Picks: 5 Best AI Content Creation Tools for Bloggers

There are lots of great AI writing tools out there—here are my 5 absolute favorites (and yes, I’m totally biased here, RightBlogger is up first because it’s the set of robust blogging tools I’m personally building to be exactly what our 700+ blogger customers need in a toolkit today).

1. RightBlogger

RightBlogger Homepage (50 Tools for Bloggers and AI Powered Tools)

RightBlogger is my very own suite of 60+ tools built by and for bloggers (most of which are AI-powered), developed specifically with faster & more effective blogging in mind. It has TONS of built-in tools & templates for researching what to blog about, creating high-quality content, and helping you with every step of the blogging process on through to promoting your content.

In addition to using RightBlogger to create epic long-form blog posts in seconds, you can also use RightBlogger to help you with content marketing more broadly—including generating tweet ideas, LinkedIn posts, YouTube video scripts, and many more types of content. Here are just a few of the other tools we’ve packed inside of RightBlogger:

  • Article Writer, Idea Generator, Keyword Research, Outline Maker, Grammar Fixer
  • Backlink Checker, Content Gap Analysis, Keyword Cluster Mapping, Rewriter
  • YouTube Video to Blog Post Generator, Caption & Post Generators for All Social Platforms
  • Email Subject Line Generator, Outreach Email Writer, Freelance Contract Generator
  • Landing Page Generator, Product Description Writer, Call-To-Action Creator & much more…

I’d love to invite you to come try out RightBlogger for yourself, today. Head over right here and give it a spin!

2. Jasper

AI Blogging Tool Jasper Screenshot Showing the One-Shot Blog Post Tool, With Topic and Paremeters on the Left and Generated Text on the Right

Jasper is a long-established AI content writing and copywriting tool (previously known as Jarvis and sometimes called Jasper AI). It has a wide range of templates and tools to help you craft not only blog content, but social media posts, product descriptions, marketing copy, and pretty much anything you can think of. Jasper can also create images—and it learns your brand’s voice over time.

3. Writesonic

AI Blogging Tool Writesonic Party Way Through Creating a Blog Post, With Article Title and Generated Intro on the Left, Plus Outline Options on the Right

Writesonic can generate blog posts (as well as product descriptions, social media posts, and more) with just a few clicks. It’s designed for SEO-optimized content that reads naturally, and includes a wide range of customizable templates and prompts to help you streamline your writing process. You can also connect Writesonic directly to WordPress.


AI Blogging Tool, Showing the Blog Post Wizard in Action Generating an Introduction for a Given Blog Title, Keywords, and Tone does similar things to Jasper and Writesonic and has a (limited) free plan. It’s easy to get to grips and you get the ability to fine-tune results when creating longer-form content—this does make the process take a bit longer, however. There’s a built-in plagiarism checker for peace of mind. On the paid (“Pro”) plan, there are no word limits.

5. ChatGPT

AI Blogging Tool ChatGPT in Conversation With Ryan, Responding to Ryan's Question How Will AI Writing Tools Change Blogging

ChatGPT is the AI tool that’s made headlines in recent months. It’s hugely popular—partly because it’s free and partly because it’s very easy to get started with. Unlike the other tools, there are no built-in templates: you just ask ChatGPT for what you want and it interprets your request using powerful natural language processing. This does mean you may have to experiment a bit to get the type of result you’re looking for.

My Picks: 3 Best AI SEO Tools for Bloggers

Good AI SEO tools help you figure out how to craft content that works well for search engines and ranks highly in SERPS (search engine results pages). Here are 3 of my favorites to try out today:

1. GrowthBar

AI Blogging Tool GrowthBar Showing Recommendations for How to Optimize an Article for Good SEO

GrowthBar is great if you want to create SEO-optimized content from scratch, as it has a built-in “write with AI” feature. You can also conduct keyword research, analyze your top-performing blog posts, and track how your website is doing in Google and other search engines. You can also use it to dig into your competitors’ SEO strategies.

2. Surfer SEO

AI Blogging Tool Surfer, Showing an Article Being SEO Optimized, with Recommended Keywords and Frequencies on the Right Hand Side

Surfer SEO doesn’t have a blog writer to generate content for you—but it’s a great fit if you want to optimize articles that you’ve already written for your blog. If you are creating new content, the outline builder within Surfer SEO makes it quick and easy to structure your content: the AI generates unique subheadings for you.

3. Frase

AI Blogging Tool Frase Showing an Article being Drafted Using the Article Writer

Like GrowthBar, Frase can be used both to create new content and to optimize content that you’ve already written. You can use the AI writer to craft individual sections of your post or to write the whole thing for you. It’s quite a budget-friendly option compared with GrowthBar and Surfer SEO, if you just want to optimize/write a few articles per month.

Give AI Blogging a Try Today: Final Takeaways

AI blogging doesn’t mean replacing yourself with a machine. As a human blogger, you’re always going to be in control! Instead, AI blogging is all about using amazing tools to blog smarter and faster than ever before.

With high-end AI software, like RightBlogger, you can craft incredible content in a fraction of the time … and you can make sure that it has a great chance of ranking well in search engines too.

If you’re just getting started in the world of blogging, make sure you check out my guide on how to start a blog to get your site up and running.

And if you’ve already got a blog but you’re struggling to grow it, take a look at all my top ways to bring traffic to your blog.

Try RightBlogger: My 70+ Hand-Crafted Tools for Bloggers

RightBlogger Content Creation AI Tools for Bloggers (Homepage Screen Shot) ryrob CTA Image

Join 1,000+ bloggers, marketers, writers, freelancers & creators in trying my very own kit of powerful tools for bloggers: RightBlogger. You’ll unlock 70+ blogging, SEO, marketing, sales and productivity-focused tools to blog faster & more effectively today.

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