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The driving licence authorises a driver to drive various types of motor vehicles on Indian roads

Driving license
Driving license is basically an official and legal document issued by the Government of India, permitting individuals to operate or drive a motorised vehicle such as a car, motorbike, truck, bus, etc., on a public road, without any supervision.

Documents Required:-
  • Age Proof (any one of the below given documents)
    • Birth Certificate
    • PAN Card
    • Passport
  • Proof of Address required for DL:
      Permanent Proof of address (any one from the following)
    • Passport
    • Aadhar Card
    • Self-owned house agreement
    • Electricity bill (issued in applicants name)
    • Voters ID Card
    • Ration card
    • Current Proof of address (any one from the following):
    • Rental agreement and electricity bill
    • Rental agreement and LPG bill
  • Type of Permanent Driving licence Eligibility Criteria
    Motorcycles without gear (with a capacity of up to 50 cc) :- The applicant must be at least 16 years old and must have the consent of parent or guardian if he is less than 18 years old
    Motorcycles with gear:- The applicant should be at least 18 years old.
    Commercial Heavy Vehicles and Transport Vehicles:- The applicant should have completed 8th standard. The applicant must be at least 18 years old (in some states, the minimum age limit is 20 years).
    General Requirement:- The applicant must be conversant with traffic regulations and rules. The applicant must have valid age proof and address proof documents.
    Benefits of Driving License:-
  • International ID Proof
  • Legal Permit to drive a Vehicle on roads
  • Driving Vehicle without a license is illegal activity
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    - What is enforcement of FSSAI Act, 2006?

    Responsibility to ensure compliance of FSSAI Act, 2006 rules and regulations made by the Food Service Operators.

    - Which types of complaints are addressed to the FSSAI or State Authorities?

    Some of the complaints related infringement of the provisions of Act and Regulation are:
    Adulteration of food
    Food poisoning
    Misleading labeling or packaging
    Misleading advertisements Registration and licensing related complaints
    Artificial products
    Substandard quality of food products.

    - What are the criteria for FSSAI Central license for the transporters of the food products?

    Vendors with a turnover less than 30 crore and owning up to 100 wagons, require FSSAI State License. Those with turnover more than 30 crore and owning more than 100 wagons require FSSAI Central License.

    - Under what circumstances they can suspend the license?

    If a food service operator fails to abide by an improvement notice, his license may be canceled.

    - Under what circumstances can they do cancel the license?

    If a food business operator fails to comply with the improvement notice, authority can cancel the license after giving the licensee an opportunity to show cause.

    - In what circumstances application will be rejected?

    If the required information is not provided within the stipulated time of 30 days, Licensing Officer can reject the application

    - What is a food recall and what is its purpose?

    “Recall” means action taken by the Food Service Provider to withdraw any food item from market, which is not complying Section 28 of FSS Act, 2006.

    - Which license is required by a FBO to run a business in more than two states?

    A Food Business Operator operating in more than two States has to acquire Central License for its registered Office and separate license for each units depending upon the turnover from the concerned State/ Central Licensing Authority.

    - Who will issue license to food business operators under Airport/Seaport premises?

    FSSAI license for food under Airport/Seaport premises are issued by APHO/PHO. Do medical stores need to get a license if they are selling dietary foods and Neutraceuticals? All Food Service Operators including medical stores have to acquire FSSAI License.

    - What are the labeling requirements of Imported Food Items?

    Labeling requirements of Imported Food Items are mentioned under Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulations, 2011, Food Safety and Standards (Import) Regulations, 2017, other FSS Regulations and other labeling requirements are mentioned in various guidelines issued FSSAI from time to time and all of them are available on FSSAI website.

    - In which language, labeling particulars need to be declared?

    script : English or Hindi in Devnagari script

    - What is Balance Shelf life?

    Balance shelf-life is the period between the date of import and “Best Before” or “Date of expiry”.

    - What is Shelf life?

    “Shelf life” is the period between the date of manufacture and the “Best Before” or “Date of expiry” as printed.

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