80+ List of Niches (Profitable Niches) in 2024A Guide to Choosing Profitable Niches and Sub-Niches to Blog About (+ Examples)

Choosing a profitable niche for your blog can be tricky. After more than a decade of blogging, I’ve curated my own list of niches (and sub-niches) you should consider when trying to decide which niche to blog about.

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Choosing the right niche for your blog (or podcast, YouTube channel, or other creation medium) can be tricky. Enter: My curated list of niches to blog about.

Perhaps you’re interested in lots of different topics—but you’re not sure which is likely to make money.

You might be struggling to come up with anything that you’d want to create content about for months or years to come. Maybe you’ve got so many different ideas, it’s hard to narrow them down to a single niche. I get it, decisions do be tough sometimes.

If you’ve already done some thinking about your blogging niche, you may be unsure whether to go with a big, broad niche (like “travel”) or a smaller niche (like “city guides”).

I’m going to share a pretty exhaustive list of potential niches with you here. I’ve stuck primarily to niches that are profitable and popular, so that you can be confident that your new blog will be as “easy” as possible to monetize. Remember though, it’s important to set realistic blogging goals & have an understanding of how much bloggers can make today.

80+ List of Niches to Blog About (Profitable Niche Examples) in 2024

  1. Finance Niche Ideas & Examples
  2. Travel Niche Ideas & Examples
  3. Parenting Niche Ideas & Examples
  4. Technology Niche Ideas & Examples
  5. Food Niche Ideas & Examples
  6. Personal Development Niche Ideas & Examples
  7. Business Niche Ideas & Examples
  8. Health and Fitness Niche Ideas & Examples
  9. Lifestyle Niche Ideas & Examples
  10. Beauty and Fashion Niche Ideas & Examples

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products and services I’ve personally used and stand behind. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me run this blog and keep my in-depth content free of charge for readers (like you).

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Before we dive into the full list of niches, let’s get clear about what niches are and how to choose one that’s right for you.

What is a Blogging Niche?

A blogging niche is simply the topic you’re writing about. It’s important for your blog to have a niche so that readers know what sort of content to expect. Some niches like “lifestyle” or “personal development” are very broad—others are much more focused, like “solo travel” or “cryptocurrency”.

What is a Sub-Niche?

A sub niche is a smaller segment of a broader blogging niche. For instance, you might have the niche “parenting” and the sub niche “pregnancy and baby”. Your target audience is expectant parents and new parents, perhaps particularly mothers, and your blog has a clear and specific topic focus.

What is a Micro Niche?

A micro niche is even more specific. Instead of “pregnancy & baby” you might have “pregnancy & the first few months when you’re expecting multiples” as your micro niche. Micro niches can be a great way to stand out with highly specific content, but it might be tricky to attract a large audience.

How Narrow Should Your Niche Be? (Low Competition or High Competition)

One school of blogging thought is that the narrower your niche, the better, as this gives you the chance to really focus and specialize.

In practice, though, most popular blogs have a moderately broad niche. They’ll cover a topic that gives them plenty of scope for publishing fresh content for months and years to come.

Your niche doesn’t need to be set in stone when you start your blog. Some blogs start out with a more narrow niche or focus then broaden this out—for example, the blog Boost Blog Traffic (focused on getting traffic to a blog) later became Smart Blogger (covering blogging and writing-related topics much more broadly).

That’s when learning to do effective keyword research comes in handy. Luckily, I made you a free keyword research tool for just that need.

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What are the Most Profitable Niches? How About Popular Niches?

There are plenty of very popular blogging niches out there that are great for making money online. If you’re looking to run a blog with high growth potential, you should consider one of these big, popular, and highly profitable niche markets:

  • Fitness & Weight Loss: Walk into any bookstore on January 1st and you’ll see just how popular these topics are. Many people are looking to get fit and/or lose weight, and blogs that help with these topics can get a lot of traffic. There are plenty of ways to monetize in this popular niche through online fitness classes, downloadable diet plans, recipe books, and much more.
  • Finances: We all need money to survive—and most of us want more than we currently have. Financial blogs help people get out of debt, start investing, earn more, and plan for retirement. Again, there’s lots of potential here to monetize in this highly profitable niche, perhaps through a budgeting app, online course, or membership program.
  • Dating & Relationships: Another area that’s applicable to pretty much everyone, dating & relationships content helps people find a partner and build a strong, happy relationship with them. Whether you’re giving out dating advice for young people or tips for staying happily married after 30 years, there’ll be plenty of people ready to read your blog content in these various sub-niches.
  • Pets: Pets are a big business, with the pet care market worth $280 billion and counting. If you love dogs, cats, or other pets, your blog could bring in lots of fellow pet owners—who want to spend money caring for their pets. Affiliate marketing, through product reviews, can be a great source of revenue for pet blogs in this profitable niche.
  • Gadgets & Tech: Most people use technology on a daily basis. From mobile phones to laptops, smart devices, and beyond, we’re all looking for new gadgets that can make our life easier. If you can keep on top of news about product releases or share insightful reviews of popular gadgets, that can be a fantastic way to make money blogging in this profitable niche topic area.

Perhaps one of these niches already sound perfect to you, and you’ve got an idea for a unique angle or sub-niche to focus your blog around. If you’re still looking for inspiration, here’s my ultimate list of blogging niches.

The Ultimate List of Niches: 10 Broad Niches and 80+ Sub-Niches to Consider

For the sake of easily finding a profitable niche you’re interested in, I’ve organized this list of niches to start with broader topic headings for evergreen niches that track to a greater theme—with more specific sub-niches & blog examples listed in each section. Let’s dive in!

Finance Niche Ideas & Examples

List of Niches (Finance Niche Ideas) Profitable Niche Example

Finance is a big, broad niche that could make for a very profitable blog. There are a lot of existing financial blogs out there (along with advice from lots of big banks and other financial institutions) so you’ll want to figure out a way to differentiate yours, maybe through choosing one of the specific sub-niches below.

1. Personal Finance

The personal finance niche is a fairly broad one, covering topics like budgeting, choosing a bank account, setting financial goals, and more. It’s a great fit if you’re someone who has a strong interest in money and managing it. You don’t need any special qualifications. Some personal finance blogs simply share advice: others are more personal, sharing the blogger’s journey (e.g. out of debt or saving for early retirement). My favorite personal finance blog is Mr. Money Mustache.

2. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have soared in popularity over the past few years—and they don’t look like going away any time soon. If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies or NFTs, or you’re fascinated by the blockchain technology underlying them, then you might want to start a blog about crypto. Your articles could cover questions about how to make NFTs or how to advertise NFTs more effectively. My top cryptocurrency blog to check out is Changelly.

3. Real Estate

Most people own, or aspire to own, a home at some point in their life. Others will want to look into investing in real estate—buying properties to “flip” (renovate and re-sell at a profit) or to rent out. If you’re a realtor, a real estate investor, or have other knowledge and expertise about real estate, then this sub-niche could be the one for you. Check out the Bigger Pockets real estate blog for inspiration.

4. Investing

Investing in the stock market can be daunting for beginners, and even experienced investors will be looking for tips to maximize their returns. Focusing a blog around investing could mean sharing and evaluating different strategies (e.g. purchasing index funds vs trying to time the market). You could also cover topics like the FIRE movement, estate planning, sustainable finance, Forex trading, and more. My top pick in this list of niches when it comes to investing blogs is The Motley Fool.

5. Frugality

Maybe you’re great at budgeting, you love a DIY approach to interior design, or you’ve got some handy and money-saving skills like woodworking. Frugality and money-saving blogs can find a wide audience, especially during difficult financial times. Monetizing this type of blog can be a bit of a challenge—as, by definition, your audience is looking to spend less. However, affiliate deals could be a great win-win for both you and your readers. Making Sense of Cents and the Warehouse Wanderer are two of my go-to favs in the frugal living category.

6. Entrepreneurship

Many people dream of owning their own business, not just for the freedom that affords, but also for the money-making possibilities. Blogging about entrepreneurship could mean sharing advice for high-tech startups—but it could also cover ideas for home-based businesses that cost little or nothing to start. Both Sides of the Table is a favorite for aspiring entrepreneurs.

7. Getting Out of Debt

Over 64 million Americans carried credit card debt during the pandemic—and many other forms of debt are prevalent too. If you have personal experience of paying down debt or if you’ve got financial expertise, then blogging about paying off debt could bring in lots of readers. Like frugality blogs, this type of blog can be tricky to monetize, but low-cost deals and budget recommendations could bring in lots of affiliate revenue. The Get Out of Debt Guy is a classic in this sub-niche.

Travel Niche Ideas & Examples

Travel blogging is a huge niche and an easy one to get into. You don’t need to be having exotic adventures to start a travel blog: sharing insights into your local area or tips for weekend trips on a budget could be a great way to get started.

Travel Niche Examples (Image of Traveler)

Some travel blogs stick to facts and information about places; others are more personal, recounting stories of the blogger’s own travels. It’s up to you what angle you want to take, now let’s dive into this list of niches related to traveling.

8. Solo Travel

Plenty of travel blogs deal with solo travel: taking off on your own, either as part of a group tour or simply to explore and escape. With the rapid rise of remote working since 2020, extended solo travel has also become a more viable option for many people who might otherwise have needed to stay put. Depending on your audience, you might share advice for planning a trip, staying safe, or striking up new friendships.

9. Travel With Kids

Traveling with kids is an adventure in itself! Perhaps you want to write a blog as a chronicle of your family’s vacations, maybe you’re taking an extended period of time off from school and work, or you might simply be sharing your experiences with day trips around your local area. If you’re writing about your own family on your blog, you’ll want to think carefully about what boundaries you’ll set about privacy.

10. Specific Areas of the World

Some travel blogs focus exclusively on one particular part of the world. You could cover travel in Europe, across North America, in Africa, or in any other area that interests you. Whether you’re writing about a whole continent or just one country, you can get in-depth with your travel tips. Before you fix on one area, you might want to check Google Trends to see if there’s sufficient ongoing search volume for travel content related to it.

11. Sustainable Travel

With a growing awareness of climate change and the disastrous consequences of carbon emissions, many travelers are looking for more eco-friendly ways to travel. Sustainability is also important to travelers who want to make sure that their adventures aren’t having an adverse impact on the economy or culture of the areas they’re visiting. Your blog could cover alternatives to flying, hotels with green policies, restaurants with vegan food, and much more.

12. Cruises

Cruise trips are a popular form of travel—and if you enjoy cruising, then you might have great fun blogging about how to get the most from different trips. There are plenty of cruise line affiliate programs, meaning that a cruise-focused blog is likely to be easy to monetize. You could focus your blog on cruises for families, cruises for retirees, or other aspects of cruising—e.g. budget-friendly or best-value cruises.

13. Backpacking, Hiking & Outdoors

Backpacking is a popular way for students (and plenty of older adults) to explore the world, generally staying in hostels or other cheap lodgings, using public transport where possible, and carrying everything in a backpack. Most backpackers don’t want a “touristy” trip but instead want to hear about more authentic, unusual, and interesting locations and places to stay. I even started a hiking blog myself, to share my own personal joy in this fun niche idea.

14. City Guides

If you love writing about your local area, your blog could become a fantastic city guide, sharing all the best places to eat, visit, shop, and stay. This type of travel blogging is a perfect fit if you don’t have the ability to do any longer trips: you can simply do day trips to different parts of your own city.

15. Adventure Vacations

Another fun area of travel blogging is to write about adventure vacations—trips that involve exciting activities like swimming with dolphins, paragliding, hiking and trekking, mountain climbing, canoeing, and much more. If you’re a bit of a daredevil and can write from first-hand experience, this type of travel blog could be a whole lot of fun. Images or even video content will help give readers a taste of your adventures.

16. LGBTQ+ Travel

LGBTQ+ travel blogs are a really unique niche that gives tens of millions of readers the opportunity to find LGBTQ+ friendly destinations, accommodations, and experiences around the world. These platforms offer tailored insights, recommendations, and personal stories, highlighting LGBTQ+-owned or friendly establishments, advocating for rights and visibility, and fostering community among LGBTQ+ travelers worldwide. Sites like The Fabryk by Fabio & Ryan, provide comprehensive city guides and stories, helping LGBTQ+ travelers navigate with confidence, and perhaps most importantly, contributing to a more inclusive global travel landscape.

17. Camping

Since moving to Colorado, I’ve gotten into camping a lot—more specifically, car camping. One of my favorite go-to resources on all things car camping, has quickly become The Dyrt, an app designed around helping outdoor enthusiasts find campsites around the US. They’re one of the largest sources of information for campgrounds, plus the content on The Dyrt is mostly user-generated, as campers post photos, videos, and reviews about campgrounds (and how to navigate the camping experience). Camping is a great sub-niche to create content in, with the ability to establish paid partnerships with brands like The Dyrt and others in the outdoor space once you’ve built an audience.

Parenting Niche Ideas & Examples

There are around 2 billion children in the world. While many families have more than one child, that’s still a lot of parents! Mom blogs and dad blogs are hugely popular, giving parenting tips on all stages of child-rearing.

Parenting (Profitable Niche Example) Image of Parents with Shoes

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your kids have all flown the nest, the parenting niche can be a great one for sharing your ideas and parenting philosophy. Let’s dig into this list of niches to explore some sub-niche topics that may inspire you.

18. Pregnancy and Baby

Plenty of parenting blogs cover the pregnancy, birth, and baby stage. This is where all “beginner” parents start, after all—and soon-to-be parents will often be searching online for advice, as well as baby equipment reviews. It’s no surprise that blogs in this sub-niche do well from affiliate marketing, covering everything from apps to cribs to strollers. Plenty of pregnancy and baby blogs also run online courses and memberships.

19. Different Ages and Stages

Some blogs focus on the toddler stage, others on teens. They might cover elementary school, middle school, or high school. Whatever stage of parenting you enjoy most, there’s plenty of room to blog about it. You could write about arts and crafts activities, fun adventures, holiday traditions, household chores, sports, or almost anything that parents with kids in that age        group might want to know about.

20. Eco-Friendly Parenting

Many parents want to be more eco-conscious—which can be tricky when raising little ones. Your blog might help out from the very early days, with tips on cloth diapering and making your own baby purees. Or you might focus on issues like getting around as a family without a car, or taking vacations without flying. You could also blog about ways to help kids become more environmentally aware, and about eco-friendly toys, clothes, and more for kids.

21. Parenting Philosophies

There are lots of different ways to be a great parent—and you may have a particular philosophy of parenting that you want to promote. Perhaps you’re a big fan of “gentle” parenting or you’re part of the “free-range” parenting movement. You might be parenting from a religious perspective or in the context of a particular cultural background. Blogging can be a great way to meet like-minded parents and to share your views with the world.

22. Activities and Crafts

Do you love coming up with fun activities and crafts to do with your kids (or have you compiled lots of lists of these from around the web)? Stay-at-home parents will be glad of plenty of ways to keep their little ones occupied, and working parents may be looking for fun, quick activities to enjoy in the evenings or at the weekends. You’ll want to include photos of the finished craft, along with step-by-step instructions.

23. Raising Twins or Triplets

Starting a blog that explores the unique challenges of having twins or triplets helps busy parents find much-needed support. It’s also a great way to connect to other parents of multiples. As well as covering practical tips, like how to feed two babies at once or how to manage laundry when you have triplets, you might want to write from a more personal perspective about your own family life.

24. Solo Parenting

Plenty of parents are on their own raising kids, due to a separation or bereavement. Solo parenting brings its own challenges and overworked single moms and dads will be grateful for support and suggestions that speak directly to their situation. You might cover child-related issues like how to talk to kids about their absent parent, along with blogging about more adult issues like communication with an ex-partner.

25. Homeschooling

Homeschooling—educating your kids yourself, instead of sending them to school—has plenty of challenges as well as rewards. Your home education blog could share lesson plans, activity ideas, and more. Depending on your reasons for homeschooling, you’ll want to gear your blog toward like-minded parents: perhaps Christian homeschoolers, traveling-the-world homeschoolers, or homeschoolers whose child is neurodivergent.

26. Blended Families

Plenty of parents and kids live in blended families—with step-siblings, half-siblings, and kids shifting between different households. Blogs for blended families can tackle some of the unique needs and pressures of this—as well as the joys. Whether you grew up in a blended family or you’re parenting in one, this type of blogging lets you explore your lived experience as well as sharing your tips. You could also bring in guest bloggers from differently-structured families.

27. Fostering or Adoption

Foster families and adoptive families likely get a huge amount of joy and satisfaction from parenting—but they also face some unique struggles. If you’re an adoptive parent or foster parent, this could be a great niche to blog about. You’ll need to be cautious about how much you share about your own fostered or adopted kids, using pseudonyms and avoiding posting photos if necessary.

Technology Niche Ideas & Examples

Technology List of Niches to Blog About (Example and Image of Gadgets)

Blogs that cover tech and gadgets are hugely popular—and easy to monetize through affiliate marketing. Whether you cover the latest releases or you’ve packed your blog with advice for beginners, there are lots of sub-niches to choose from. Explore these sub-niche topics from the list of niches below. Let’s dive in!

28. Specific Products

Is there a particular product line that you’d love to blog about? Perhaps you’ve had every single iPhone since the first one came out in 2007, or you’re a massive fan of Chromebooks. Whatever product it is you love, you could have a blog centered around it, sharing how to guides, tips, and latest news from the company.

29. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

People have been interested in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its possibilities for decades… but it’s only relatively recently that AI has started to have a real impact on how we work and play. AI technologies (like machine learning) underpin tools that we use every day, including Amazon and Google’s search algorithms. I even built my own suite of free blogging tools & my even more robust platform, RightBlogger (we have an affiliate program), on the back of AI-powered tooling. You could write about AI in general or cover specific AI applications like AI content tools and AI copywriting. Try my free AI tools, including an AI article writer, paragraph rewriter, blog title generator and free keyword research tool to name a few.

30. Laptops & Computers

Do you love unboxing fresh laptops? While many of us use our phones for leisure time, laptops are still vital for anyone working from home or wanting to engage in hobbies like gaming, writing, video editing, and so on. You could run a review blog that covers popular laptop models—this could be a great way to score some free laptops from brands, as well as giving you the chance for some impressive affiliate revenue.

31. VR (Virtual Reality)

Like AI, VR has been long-imagined … and now it’s becoming part of our reality. VR headsets and games have really taken off over the past few years, and this fast-developing technology could be a great subject to blog about. Whether you just want to talk about games or you want to cover some of the other creative uses of VR (e.g. providing manufacturing and surgical training), there’ll be plenty to talk about on your blog.

32. Games

If you’re a keen gamer, then a blog all about video games could be lots of fun—and potentially lucrative too. You might want to specialize in a particular platform (e.g. PC games or Nintendo games), reviewing the latest releases, rounding up the best games in specific categories, or offering gameplay tips and walkthroughs.

33. Programming (Software Development)

Whether you’re an experienced IT professional or a hobbyist looking to improve your coding skills, a blog about programming might be perfect for you. You might offer beginner’s guides, tutorials, advice on specific software development methods and philosophies (e.g. Agile), and more. This type of blog could help land you a job in the IT industry—or it could give you a platform to sell your own programming books or courses.

34. Troubleshooting Common Problems

When people experience an issue with their tech—like their Chromebook not turning on, their smart TV not playing any sound, or their iPhone crashing—they’ll most likely head straight to Google for advice. That’s where your blog comes in: by providing clear, step-by-step instructions on resolving common tech issues, you can bring in plenty of readers via Google … and you’ll start to build a name for yourself in the technology niche.

35. Hardware

Whether you build your own desktop computers or simply want to review printers, mice, or other peripherals, blogging about computer hardware can be a great opportunity to make sales or bring in affiliate revenue. You could post comparative reviews, explaining how one piece of hardware measures up to another, or you could cover tips on getting everything working well together.

Food Niche Ideas & Examples

Food Blogging Sub-Niches and Examples (Table of Brunch)

Do you love talking about food? If you’re a self-avowed foodie, you love baking, or you’re a huge fan of a particular cuisine, then a food-related blog could be perfect for you. Here are some sub-niches to consider in the food space.

36. Vegan Recipes

As a vegan myself, I can say that vegan diets have become much more popular in recent years, with plant-based foods and milk alternatives now a common option in restaurants and supermarkets as veganism becomes rapidly more common around the world. Whether you’ve been following a vegan diet for years or you’re new to this way of living, sharing vegan-friendly recipes can be a great way to build a blog—especially if you’ve also got a cookbook or vegan cooking course to sell.

37. Eating Out

If you’re the go-to person among your friends whenever someone wants a restaurant recommendation, then you could start a blog to share reviews of your meals out and your tips on where to dine. You might even score some free meals from local establishments. This type of blog could be focused on your own city or could involve guides to restaurants and cafes in a number of cities or even across several countries.

38. Different Cuisines Around the World

Do you love Mexican food? Or perhaps you can’t get enough of South Indian dishes? Whatever your favorite cuisine, a blog gives you the chance to write about it in-depth. That will likely involve sharing recipes—but might also mean sharing guides on how to cook with specific ingredients, or exploring the history of a particular dish.

39. Budget-Friendly Meals

With food prices rising rapidly across the world, cooking on a tight budget is a necessity for many families. If you’re an experienced cook who’s great at getting the most from cheap ingredients, then a blog about budget-friendly meals could be perfect. Just keep in mind that this type of blog may be more of a challenge to monetize than other food-related blogs as—by definition—your audience is watching the pennies.

40. Batch Cooking

With many families leading hectic lives where both parents work full-time, batch cooking has become increasingly popular. Whether you’ve got a plan for creating a whole week’s worth of meals on a Sunday afternoon or you’re just sharing some recipes that can be easily doubled up for the freezer, your blog on batch cooking could be a game-changer for busy families trying to eat healthily.

41. Specific Types of Cooking

Do you use your air fryer daily? Or perhaps you’re a big fan of your crock pot? Maybe you love one-pan recipes which mean you don’t need to do too many dishes after dinner. If you’ve got lots of recipes and tips or tricks for a particular type of cooking, then you could use that as the basis of your blog.

42. Family Meals

Cooking for kids and adults can be tricky, from figuring out what everyone will eat to getting a meal on the table with little ones running around. If you’re an expert at putting together family meals, then you could share your tips (and your top recipes or meal plans) with other parents through a blog that covers everything to do with eating as a family.

Personal Development Niche Ideas & Examples

Personal Development Blog Example (List of Niches) Team Standing Around a Table

The personal development niche can cover a huge range of areas, and may overlap with other broad niches like health and fitness or business. If you’re a keen reader of self-help books or you’re great at setting and reaching goals, there’s sure to be a sub-niche here in this list of niches to suit you.

43. Time Management

We all have 24 hours in a day – but it can be tough to use them well. Many people struggle with time management or want to get better at it, at all stages of life. Whether you’re sharing tips for students who are learning to manage their own time (with a lot more freedom than at school) or you’re sharing hacks for busy parents, your time management blog could be a great way to share your top techniques with the world. Teaching people how to be more mindful with their time is on every list of niches with strong profit potential.

44. Mental Health

Over the past decade or two, there’s been a lot more recognition of the importance of mental health – not just physical health. You could blog about a specific aspect of mental health, like anxiety or depression, or you might share tips for taking care of your mental health in general. You don’t need any medical qualifications to write about mental health, though it may help establish your credibility if you have experiences of your own that you’re willing to talk about.

45. Self-Care

Along with understanding more about mental health, we’re also recognizing the importance of self-care: doing the things that take good care of our minds and bodies. You might blog about self-care for specific audiences – perhaps for teens, parents, retirees, business owners, or another group, to give your blog a focus and to make sure your tips are actionable for your readers.

46. Dating

Dating advice is a very popular niche, and again, it’s one you can easily narrow down by audience. Maybe you want to write about dating in later life, dating after a loss, or the gay dating scene – or perhaps you’ve got a different angle on dating, like a religious perspective or tips on long-distance dating. You could even share your online dating disasters or lessons learned.

47. Relationships

While there’s obviously quite a bit of overlap between dating advice and relationship advice, relationships blogs tend to focus on established, longer-term relationships. On a relationships blog, you might share advice on overcoming disagreements, thoughts on when to move in together, tips on how to manage finances, and more.

48. Married Life

If you’re writing a blog aimed exclusively at married couples, you might be covering anything from the newly-wed stage to 50th wedding anniversaries and beyond. Some marriage blogs approach the topic from a specific religious perspective; others have a lot of overlap with blogs about relationships in general. You might cover topics like parenting, careers, hobbies, and much more, all through the lens of a marriage.

49. Habits/Routines

Establishing good habits and routines can make a huge difference in people’s lives—and there have been plenty of bestselling books on these topics in recent years, like James Clear’s Atomic Habits and Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning (which is on my list of top business books). If you can share thoughtful tips on building good habits and routines, and if this is something you enjoy putting into action in your own life, this type of blog niche might be ideal for you.

50. Sleep

If you have experience of insomnia or other sleep issues, then you might blog about those and share your advice with other sleep-deprived readers. Whether you’re blogging about good sleep hygiene or sharing a list of natural supplements to help with sleep, you’re sure to find lots of readers—at all hours of the day and night.

Business Niche Ideas & Examples

List of Profitable Niches (Business Blogs) Image of Business Owners

There are 33.2 million small businesses in America alone… and that means there’s a huge audience out there for business-related content. This is a great niche to be in if you’re looking to make money blogging, as selling B2B (business-to-business) products and services lets you command a premium price. Time to examine a few of my favorite in this list of niches related to business.

51. eCommerce

The ecommerce niche covers everything to do with selling products (generally physical ones) online. Whether you’re writing about how to source and store inventory or how to take great product photos, your ecommerce advice could help plenty of online store owners to get their retail business to the next level.

52. Digital Marketing

Marketing used to involve whole PR teams, radio or TV slots, or physical ads in newspapers or on billboards. Today, a huge amount of advertising takes place digitally: primarily through social media, but also through email newsletters and blog posts. Sharing tips on effective online marketing and email marketing could reach a wide audience of small business owners, marketers, and social media managers.

53. Making Money Online

The “making money online” niche has been a popular one for decades. Plenty of people are looking for ways to make extra money on the side of their day job… or looking for a route out of a job they hate. If you’ve been successful in making money on the Internet, or if you want to chronicle your journey in doing so, then this may be the right idea for you, from my list of niches—just be mindful of teaching from a place of personal experience.

54. Software Reviews

With so many different pieces of software and apps to choose from, how can you tell which is best? That’s where software reviews and sites like Joe Kevens’ B2B SaaS Reviews Marketplace really shine as an example of how to approach reviews in an interesting way. As a content creator, you can review different types of software, writing about the pros and cons of each, and sharing screenshots and other details to help readers make up their minds. Because people often search online for “review” plus the name of the product they’re considering, this type of blog is easy to SEO optimize for search engine traffic. Take for example, my roundup of the best CRMs for small business, which generates me consistent affiliate commission from referring sales software tools.

55. Leadership

If you have experience leading a team, or a company, then blogging about leadership lets you share both practical tips and general philosophies and strategies of how to lead. Whether you’re seeking to encourage and inspire, or you’re sharing the basics that new managers need to know, your blog could appeal to all sorts of leaders in a range of different industries.

56. Small Business / Micro Business

Have you launched your own startup or small online business? Small business owners—who are often wearing multiple hats—learn on the job, searching for helpful blog posts when they need to figure out something new. Your blog could focus on the beginning stages of small businesses, covering issues like setting the business up correctly, or it could deal with growth-related issues like hiring a full-time employee, renting office space or choosing the right small business CRM.

57. Solopreneurship

Some business owners want to go it alone, building a business that’s just them, no employees. This comes with its own challenges, of course—like knowing when to outsource a task to a freelancer (e.g. a designer or coder) and when to hire a virtual assistant versus when to just do it all yourself. If you’re an experienced solopreneur, or if you work with solopreneurs, then your blog could become an invaluable source of advice and support.

58. Side Hustles

Plenty of small businesses are run on the side of a day job. Some people take on a side hustle out of necessity: their regular job just isn’t paying enough to meet their needs. Others want to build wealth for the future, perhaps hustling hard to build up a big pot of investments, before retiring early. If you have a side hustle—or if you had one in the past that you turned into a full-time business—then you can share what you’ve learned with your blog’s readers. I included this on my list of profitable niches because I originally built my own blog in this space.

Health and Fitness Niche Ideas & Examples

Examples of Health and Fitness Blogs (Profitable Niche Ideas) Group Workout Class

The health and fitness niche is a huge one. Just think of all the people who sign up for gym membership every January, or the huge number of health and fitness related books and magazines. With this broad niche, as with others, there are plenty of more specific niches to choose from. Let’s pick up the pace and run through this list of niches without breaking a sweat.

59. Weight Loss

Weight loss is a perennially popular topic in the health niche—and you definitely don’t need a medical degree or nutritionist qualification to write about it. Some  weight loss blogs simply chronicle the blogger’s own journey to lose weight and become healthier. This type of blog has plenty of potential for monetization through affiliate links, online programs, one-to-one coaching, or even a range of products.

60. Bodybuilding

Are you a keen bodybuilder? If you’ve got lots of tips and tricks to share about putting on muscle, then this blogging niche could be a great fit. Bodybuilding is generally very focused on aesthetics, so you’ll want to include plenty of photos on your blog (they don’t necessarily have to be of you, you could interview and feature other bodybuilders).

61. Supplements

Plenty of people take supplements to improve their health and fitness. That could simply mean vitamin supplements—especially if eating a restricted diet—but some people will take this further. There are plenty of sports and fitness supplements available, and your blog could help guide readers through the best ones to choose.

62. Keto Diet

The keto diet (ketogenic diet) has exploded in popularity in recent years. It involves keeping carbohydrate intake very low and eating a high-fat diet: this prompts the body to enter a state of ketosis, burning fat for energy. The keto diet has some risks associated with it, so you may want to work alongside a qualified dietician or nutritionist to create content that teaches people how to follow it safely.

63. Diabetes

Around 10.5% of the US population—that’s 34.5 million people—have diabetes, making this a huge topic. Around 5% of those have type 1 diabetes, which means they need to take insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. But many people with type 2 diabetes can control their blood glucose by eating a healthy diet. Your blog could cover ways to live with diabetes, perhaps sharing recipes, meal plans, exercise tips, and more.

64. Healthy Eating

Many people are interested in eating more healthily, while not necessarily looking to lose weight. Your blog might focus on a particular demographic—perhaps offering cheap, healthy recipes for students and 20-somethings, or sharing healthy eating tips for families with young children. As well as publishing “evergreen” content, you could look at research studies or government advice about healthy eating, and report on any new findings.

65. Quitting Smoking

Most smokers want to quit—and that’s where your blog comes in. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but the content you provide could help give people the motivation and practical tools that they need. You might want to share your own journey in quitting or feature stories about successfully quitting smoking from other people. You could also write about the latest research into the health effects of smoking or into the most effective ways to quit.

66. Nutrition

If you’ve got expertise in nutrition (perhaps through a degree or other qualification), then you may want to share your knowledge on a blog. You could write for other nutritionists or for professionals in the health sector like personal trainers and sports coaches—potentially monetizing through a course or one-to-one advice sessions. You might also want to dig into new research or studies about nutrition or branch out into topics about healthcare.

67. Yoga

Around 36 million Americans practice yoga regularly, including yours truly, making it a hugely popular form of exercise and a very profitable niche to blog about. Depending on your own approach to yoga, you might want to focus on the physical benefits, on the yoga movement as a whole, or on the more spiritual side of yoga. Most yoga practitioners are female and over 30, so you’ll likely want to focus on your blog on this demographic.

68. Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a specific approach to fitness where the exercises you do are designed to help with your daily life. It’s not about isolating muscle groups to build mass: it’s about incorporating natural, everyday movements like walking, running, jumping, lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, and so on. It’s particularly helpful for people who are recovering from an injury or surgery. You could also choose to blog about functional fitness for older people.

Lifestyle Niche Ideas & Examples

Lifestyle Blog Examples (List of NIches to Blog About) Stack of Books

Lifestyle blogging can be a fun and creative way to build a personal brand around whatever you love most in life, and it can also be surprisingly lucrative if you’re able to connect with a clear target audience that resonates with your style. Sub-niche topics within lifestyle blogging can range as widely as the individual interests of the creator behind the blog, so let’s explore a few.

69. Boating & Sailing

Believe it or not, more than 100 million Americans alone go boating every year. That makes a great niche opportunity for a boating or sailing blog that provides a wide range of information and insights about everything from getting started out on the open seas (for beginners), all the way up to advanced sail rigging tutorials and beyond. Topics like boat maintenance, safety tips, fishing, and water sports are common areas to explore within this popular niche—with the goal of creating valuable resources for sea goers of all experience levels. You could become a destination for readers to learn more about the latest trends and technologies in the boating industry, as well as discover new places to explore on the water in their area of the world.

70. Pet Blogging

Pet blogs usually focus themselves around sharing advice, dog (or cat) training tips, product recommendations and stories about the furry, feathery, or scaly animal companions in their lives. This type of blog can disperse into a wide range of sub-niches and topics, ranging from pet care to product reviews, adoption advice, and heartwarming stories about pets & their owners. You’ll be smart to center your content around cute photos and videos of animals, and consider interviewing experts in the pet industry. Fear not—you don’t need to be a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to run a pet blog, some of the best pet blogs are written by passionate pet owners who want to share their experiences and knowledge with the world.

71. Dog Training

A dog training blog usually comes in the format of informative guidance on how to train your furry friend. This type of blog typically consists of a variety of topics like house training, obedience training, and behavior modification. To appeal well to pet owners, you should consider writing in a simple and easy-to-understand tone, making it accessible to dog owners of all ages and levels of experience. I’d also recommend leaning heavily into video and other visual content to showcase training techniques and demonstrate desired pup’s behavior. You’ll be doing beautiful work helping dog owners establish a strong bond with their pets and create a happy, healthy, and well-behaved companion.

Beauty and Fashion Niche Ideas & Examples

Beauty and Fashion Blogging (Profitable Niche Examples) Shopper Holding Bags

Beauty and fashion are both huge industries—with worldwide revenue from cosmetics alone topping $100 billion in 2022. There’s plenty of money to be made from beauty and fashion blogs, and if you’re a keen Instagrammer, then you might well be able to carve out a great niche for yourself as an influencer too. Here are some great sub-niches to consider in this list of niches around fashion & beauty.

72. Skincare

Skincare can cover a range of issues from dermatological problems to developing the perfect cleansing and moisturizing routine. Whether you’ve got a flawless complexion or you’ve struggled with your skin but learned plenty of tips and tricks along the way, a skincare blog could be a great fit for you. It’s also an easy one to monetize through product recommendations and affiliate links.

73. Hair

You might love bright hair dye colors or have a bunch of great tips on how to create cool up-dos: if so, a hair blog could be a lot of fun. You could specialize by hair type (e.g. covering Afro-Caribbean hair care), you could review products, or you could deal with hair questions and problems. This sort of blog will benefit from photos or video tutorials.

74. Makeup and Cosmetics

The makeup and cosmetics industry is massive—and it’s a very popular topic for blogs, YouTube channels, and social media accounts. If you love trying out new products or you’re great at creating makeup tutorials, then this could be the ideal sub-niche for you. There are lots of ways to make money from this type of blog, through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or even by creating your own product line.

75. Fashion Subcultures

Fashion blogging is a great niche to explore. Even more granular—are you part of a specific fashion subculture that you’d love to blog about? Whether that’s goth, hip-hop, grunge, or something else entirely (like blogging about colorful socks, for example), your blog could be a great resource or even a growing community for others in the same subculture. Depending on your own preferences, you might want to focus just on clothing and accessories or you might branch out to cover other topics like music and events.

76. Fashion News

There’s always something going on in the fashion industry—events, celebrity gossip, new clothing releases, and more. If you love spilling all the details about fashion shows or you’ve got a great eye for a celeb news story, then a fashion news blog might be the perfect fit. You may need to be prepared to work some long hours on your blog, especially at key times of the year (e.g. during New York Fashion Week).

77. Kidswear

Fashion isn’t just for adults! There are plenty of high-end clothing brands for kids—and plenty of parents who want to buy fashionable clothes for their little ones. You could review brands or even individual pieces of clothing, perhaps looking at factors like durability and comfort, as well as how easy it is for kids to enjoy active play while wearing those clothes.

78. Luxury Fashion

While there are lots of ways to be fashionable on a budget, there are also plenty of higher-earning individuals who enjoy luxury fashion buys. Whether you’re blogging about Hermès bags or Prada shoes, luxury fashion recommendations can bring in an impressive amount of affiliate commissions.

79. Plus-Size Fashion

The fashion industry has, for decades, been notorious for its focus on extremely slim models. These days, there’s a growing demand for more plus-size fashion models, and your blog could be part of this movement. If you want to blog about body positivity and gorgeous models who show that fashion is fun at any size, then try the world of plus-size fashion blogging and social media.

80. Nails

The nail care market, worldwide, was valued at over $19 billion in recent years—making it a great topic to blog about. You might advise on nail problems (like brittle nails) or you might offer tips for nail art, maybe showing readers how to achieve different designs. You’ll want to have lots of photos or even videos to show readers how to achieve particular techniques.

Making Money Online: 3 Smart Options for (Most) Profitable Niches

Whichever niche you’re in, there’ll always be ways to make money in a win-win way with your readers. While not every monetization method is right for every niche, there are three key options that work for the majority of niches. Let’s run through those so you’ve got a good idea of how to get started with monetizing your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing (Easy Passive Income)

It’s hard to find a popular niche that doesn’t have the potential to do well from affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing (Beginner's Guide to Making Money as an Affiliate Marketer)

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product or service to your readers, earning a commission whenever a reader goes ahead and buys it.

It’s a great monetization technique when you’re starting out because it doesn’t cost you anything and it lets you pick the affiliate products and services that you can wholeheartedly recommend. It’s also a low-effort technique: you can simply write a review post, share a list of top product recommendations or host a webinar with a brand you love, and make money for months or years to come by referring customers without doing much extra ongoing work.

While each individual affiliate recommendation might only bring in a handful of referral commissions, once you’ve got multiple product reviews, roundups, and mentions on your blog, you could be making a full-time income just from affiliate marketing.

2. Advertising and Sponsored Posts

Another great monetization method is to run advertisements or sponsored posts on your blog. This works best once you have a reasonable amount of traffic, as companies won’t want to pay to advertise on a blog that only has a handful of visitors.

There are a few different methods you can use when it comes to making money online from blog advertisements & sponsorships, including:

  • Signing up for an advertising network like Google AdSense, which places ads on your blog in a special widget (usually, you place this in your sidebar). Google AdSense handles collecting and passing on money from advertisers.
  • Selling ads individually to companies who want to advertise on your blog. This can take quite a bit of time to administer. Usually, the ads will go in your sidebar, though sometimes an advertiser may want their ad on a specific page.
  • Selling sponsored posts. This is where a company writes a post for your blog, linking to their product or service. You charge them a fee for publishing the post on your blog, as you’re giving them access to your audience.

If you create a YouTube channel or launch a podcast to go along with your blog, you can also sell advertising on that, by seeking sponsors.

3. Selling Products or Services

Another method that works for many niches is to sell your own products and/or services. It’s easiest to get started with digital products or services like downloadable ebooks or online courses, as these don’t have many overheads. As your blog grows, you might want to sell physical products, perhaps creating your own product range to sell directly or through dropshipping.

It can take quite a while to create your own product or service. You’ll also need to set up a system to sell it online, which can be time-consuming initially. Many bloggers start with affiliate marketing and/or advertising, then move on to making their own products.

Pick a Profitable Niche (or Sub-Niche) & Start Your Blog Today

Taking the time up front to find the right niche ideas for your blog can set you up well on the path to success. The best niche will hit the sweet spot of being fun for you to write about—and having the potential to make serious money. Be sure to utilize these crucial guides & tools I’ve created to help make sure your blog becomes a success within your profitable niche:

If you take any of my blogging advice in this guide, don’t spend forever deciding on your niche. If you’re not sure what to choose, pick a blog topic idea you feel you’d enjoy writing about for a while into the future… then take the plunge and start your own blog. My guide covers everything you need to know about choosing a domain name, buying web hosting, getting started with WordPress, finding your first readers, writing great content and much more.

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